Health advisory issued in public interest

Srinagar: The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir Saturday issued a health advisory for people residing in flood-affected areas.
The advisory states:
#1. Drinking water and water used for cooking, washing utensils or washing hands should be made safe by boiling or chlorinating.
#2. Water should be brought to rolling boil (5 minutes) before consumption.
#3. Beware of water contamination. If taste, colour or smell of water is suspicious, it is important to purify it.
#4. Any food in contact with flood-water should be discarded; disposal of excreta should be done away from water sources; open air defecation should not be allowed.
#5. Objects that may have absorbed flood water should be discarded.
#6. Wash your hands after direct contact with flood water.
#7. Wash your hands with soap before eating food and after using a toilet.


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