Salah-ud-Din appeals people to boycott Municipal polls

Srinagar: United Jihad Council Chairman and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen supermo, Syed Salah-ud-Din, Tuesday, appealed the people to boycott the ensuing municipal polls stating elections can have negative impact on ‘freedom movement.’
In an exclusive telephonic interview with KNS, he said, “For the sake of movement, I appeal people to boycott these elections, as India and its puppet regime exploit it. But this is my personal opinion. I am chairman of a forum (UJC) and we haven’t discussed it yet. I’ll give my final comment on it next time.”
The UJC chairman endorsed separatist leaderships recent statements about taking up day-to-day issues of people. “Leadership must talk about these issues. India isn’t giving any charity to Kashmiris. It is importing electricity worth billions from Kashmir and people in the Valley are reeling under darkness. India is looting resources of our state. It is a good decision. They (Hurriyat leaders) must take up day-to-day issues of people,” he told KNS.
About phase wise hartal in Kashmir which he had proposed in 2010, Salah-ud-Din, said, “85 percent people in Kashmir are dependent on daily earnings. To keep movement alive, we have to keep our weaknesses in front of us and ensure that people don’t suffer. Our patients shouldn’t suffer for medicines, kids for milk. To sustain the movement there is a need for wise decisions.”
Asked to comment on Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s recent offer to separatist leadership, he said, “In last 60 years 150 rounds of talks have been held. India was neither sincere in past nor is today. Offer of talks is just to dilute the movement. On one side its troops are violating human rights in Kashmir and on second they are making offer of talks.”
“Unless India won’t accept historical facts and solves Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions, talks are futile,” he asserted.
On the role of gun been marginalized in the present world scenario, he differed saying, “Fact is that role of gun is increasing day by day. Example is Iraq and Afghanistan. NATO has accepted defeat in Iraq. Who forced NATO out of Iraq? Not talks but mujahideen.”
“There is no comparison between NATO and India. NATO is world’s biggest power. But now they are pleading before Pakistan to allow their safe exit from Afghanistan. Give me one example in world where occupation has ended without gun. Gun has an important role in freedom struggles. Occupation only ends by armed struggles,” the UJC chairman claimed.
“It is true that after 9/11, world powers launched an assault against freedom movements’ world over. NATO and US forces launched an assault on the borders of Pakistan,” he added.
The Hizb supermo warned of increased attacks in Kashmir in future. “J&K will be freed soon. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 lakhs of Kashmiris came on streets demanding freedom. That time UJC decided to halt its actions in inhibited places so that Indian troops won’t get an excuse to fire on unarmed protesters. We said we will attack in border areas only where we have been taking on troops always,” he told KNS.
“Decisive phase of movement has come when we have to carry attacks in streets of Kashmir. Our infrastructure is intact and we can carry attacks wherever we like,” the UJC chairman warned.
Asked whether that means attacks would increase in coming months, he declined to comment. “I can’t comment on it as it is against policy.”
On recent attacks in civilian areas, he said, “Outside UJC who are carrying such attacks we don’t have any information. UJC’s strategy is that no attacks would be carried where civilians will suffer. Our policy is to carry attacks against Indian targets like Army and intelligence.”
“UJC’s unanimous decision is that no civilian should be targeted,” he claimed.

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