UK photographer proposes and marries herself!


London: A woman in the UK who was fed up of being single got married to herself in a full wedding ceremony attended by 50 guests.
Grace Gelder, a photographer by profession, said that after being single for six years she had built up a brilliant relationship with herself – and creating that bond with someone else seemed like too much hard work.
Gelder even ‘proposed’ to herself on a park bench in Parliament Hill, London, last November and walked solo down the aisle in mid-March this year, ‘mirror.Co.Uk’ reported.
Gelder bought a dress, a ring, rehearsed vows and eventually wed in a farmhouse in rural Devon watched by her sister and friends – sealing the deal by planting a kiss on a mirror.
“A few did comment, in a light-hearted way, that it was a bit narcissistic,” Gelder said.
“Obviously, if you have just announced you’re marrying yourself, it is plainly a statement of self-love, and I was under no illusion how self-indulgent that might appear.
“But I was completely comfortable with my motivations. I’d been on a journey of personal development using meditation, dance and performance to increase my self-awareness,” Gelder told the Guardian.
Although the wedding holds no legal ground, Gelder is glad she is no longer a ‘single’ lady.


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