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Considering the vast popularity of the sport, cricket betting is deemed to be the ultimate source of entertainment. Despite being entertaining, placing your bets on cricket matches can be profitable. Whether you want to impress your friends with your skills or win some money, you need to make sure to place effective bets.

In this post, we guide you through the steps to placing effective bets on cricket. Once you go through it, you will know how to do it properly.

Every beginner at cricket betting should know that there are a total of three variations of bets. You can choose to bet on Test cricket, One Day Internationals (ODI), or T20.

Test Cricket

Test cricket is a basic form of play. However, it is the most complicated form for betting. A single match can be played for a few days. In addition, test cricket is longer when compared to the T20 and ODI. It will take hours and hours to finish a four-inning match. When it comes to teams, each will consist of 11 players.

However, test cricket is pretty popular among betting enthusiasts. The outcome for long games is unpredictable, so the whole process feels exciting when you wait to see the result.

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One Day Internationals

The ODI is a form of limited overs match. It is played between two international teams and has a duration of eight hours. With 50 overs, each game will last up to 9 hours.

Cricket World Cup is one of the prestigious tournaments played in this form.


T20 refers to a shorter form of playing cricket. This form was initially introduced back in 2003 with some rule modifications, and the two teams have only one inning. The new set of rules has brought a new audience to this sport.

If you think that betting on T20 is right for you, keep in mind that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is played in this format.


When you grasp the different match types, it is time to get to know more about the odds. Cricket odds can be expressed with fractions or decimals. However, you can transfer them for convenience. Find the odds available in your sportsbook and multiply them with your sum.

Betting Strategy

We already explained how to come up with the odds. The method is straightforward, but finding the best opportunity might not be that simple. To find the best fit, you need to analyze the previous matches, the game, and the players. Coming up with a strong betting strategy will increase your chances of winning.

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Once you eye a promising team to bet on, you need to check their past performance and matches. Get to know more about their games and the score. Changes inside a group can weaken or straighten its structure, so keep an eye on it. Transfers or injuries are some of the changes that can influence the team’s performance. A team that has experience playing on the same terrain has higher odds.

External factors can also influence the match significantly. The weather conditions and ground quality can impact the players’ performance. Be sure to check how your chosen team plays under various weather conditions.

If you want to step up your sports betting skills, be sure to follow the popular sports analysts. They will share valuable insights that you should consider when shaping your betting strategy. Make sure to consider every aspect of the game, as even the small details can change the direction. Shape your plan in advance and follow your intuition when placing wagers.

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