Rummy: Difference between Original Joker & Wild Card Joker

Rummy Joker

In the game of Rummy, more than luck you need to imply strategies to win. A standard deck of cards is used to play this game. The objective of Rummy is to discard cards in the right sets and sequences and declare. Whoever declares first, becomes the winner for that round.

As a Rummy player, you must be well-versed in the rules and techniques of the game. Unlike other card games, joker cards play quite a significant role in Rummy. The Rummy Joker works as a replacement for all the high-valued cards (King, Ace, Queen, and Jack). It carries 10 points and if a player uses it nicely, they can even win a game. Joker Cards are of two kinds: original and wild cards. You need to learn the differences between the two to incorporate them effectively in the Rummy match.

This article is about the differences between original & wild card joker in the Rummy game.

Original Joker and Wild Card Joker

Original joker cards are printed jokers that you get in a standard deck of cards. Whereas, wild jokers are cards that you select randomly among these 52 cards (excluding the printed jokers).

In the Indian version of Rummy, printed joker cards are used as an alternative in impure sets or sequences. The number of original joker cards in a game varies in terms of the decks that a number of players use in a game.

Though they are named different, their purpose in Rummy is the same. Furthermore, both original and wild jokers have the same value in the game which is 0 points.

How joker cards are used in impure sequences?

There are some occasions where you can use joker cards to form impure sequences.

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First occasion

You can use a wild or printed joker for a card which is consecutive to two cards having similar suits. For instance, if you have 6♠ and 7♠, draw a random card and use it as a joker (3♣) from the stockpile when you get the turn. Now you can use this card as a replacement for the card missing which is 5♠ or 8♠.

Second occasion

When a player has three cards from similar suits, they can use a joker card to complete the sequence. For instance, if you have 3♣, 5♣ and 6♣, you can use a wild joker card as J♦ in the place of 4♣.

Third occasion

If you have 2♠️, 5♠️ and 7♠️, you can use two original joker cards to complete the impure sequence. You need to use the two joker cards in the place of the missing cards, which are 3♠️ and 6♠️.

Fourth occasion

If you have two printed jokers and a wild card in your hand, you can combine them to form an impure sequence. For instance, 7♠️ and two printed jokers.

Fifth occasion

Another case is when you have both wild joker and original joker cards. You can use it in two different card groups. For example, 3♠️, 5♠️, OJ and K♥️, Q♥️, WJ.

How to use wild joker cards in pure sequences?

When three or more cards are put in sequential order from similar suits, it forms one pure sequence. Printed jokers are not used in this sequence. Only wild jokers are used in a pure pattern which is consecutive to the other cards and has the exact suit. For instance, 3♣, 4♣ and 5♣ (WJ).

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How to use jokers in sets?

A player can use original joker cards or wild joker cards in three cases. These are as follows:

First Case

If you have both printed and wild joker cards, you can use them in two sets, like 3♣, OJ and 5♣ or K♥️, 4♠️ and Q♥️.

Second Case

If you already have made a set like Q♥️, Q♠️ and Q♣, you may still build a legitimate combination by adding a (wild or printed) joker to this set. It will be either Q♥️, Q♠️, Q♣, OJ or Q♥️, Q♠️, Q♣ and 5♦ (WJ).

Third Case

If you are dealt 8♣ and 8♠️, you can add a joker (wild card or original) to finish the set. The complete set will be like 8♣, 8♠️, and 2♥️ (WJ) or 8♠️, 8♣, and OJ.

Joker card’s value in Rummy

In Rummy, jokers play a significant role to accelerate the chance of winning for a player. Furthermore, joker cards have 0 points. This implies that neither wild jokers nor original ones can get you any point in the game. Since the game of Rummy has negative markings, these cards are essential. Hence, if you get plenty of jokers, you can utilise them to reduce your total score. This is useful especially when one of the competitors makes a legitimate call before you.

If Rummy is a new game for you, then learn the Joker cards’ uses to make a clear win. Nowadays, online Rummy is a huge hit. So, if you want to try your hands in online Rummy, download the GetMega app and get all the information about this game.

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