A counterfeit smile
Under the luminous big canvas,
Staged he the lively picture,
Some wore crispy, some camouflage,

Passed faint smile under cuffs and collar,
As to put check on public glare.
Seemed to them a lifeless entity,
As her pale look a golden truffe,

Asked when what the picture is all about?
Laughed they as newly-wed widow,
Whose fragile smile turned dark,
Like sleepy buds strive to sprout,

And tulips trampled before bloom,
Yet wore a smile on their visage,
To cover up their dark deeds,
Which is undoubtedly a counterfeit one!

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Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen has done Masters in English and has immense passion for writing. Hailing from Pulwama, she has contributed for many anthologies like Inked Thoughts, Road Taken etc.

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