I’m glad I met you,
O’ye beautiful creation of God,
What matter doth God created thee,
Sparkling eyes, curly locks and strong head,

Besides glee in visage and large in heart,
That too embedded with love and anger.
Striving thou hard in spite of scorching sun,
Foggy dawn, rainy morning and darker nights,

Only to make me smile, laugh and merry,
That too sans a mark of strain and disgust,
As God has made thou epitome of love,
Hark! Thee O’ my dad precious creature,
I’m glad I met you!

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Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen has done Masters in English and has immense passion for writing. Hailing from Pulwama, she has contributed for many anthologies like Inked Thoughts, Road Taken etc.

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