On that side of border
She writes letters for me
Alas! Unable to receive
Those beautiful letters
I have lot of things to read

She writes her every moment
She remembers me in her days
Those beautiful words that her bosom hides
I intend to read

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Those words I am unable to reach through
These borders, being our reason of separation
But the art which keeps us united

Can’t art be free from borders
Can’t I read those letters of love
Can’t borders be only in imagination
Why can’t we fly just like birds


I have a dream to listen you there
Those verses which I am waiting for
Can’t we live together forever
So that I engrave your beauty in my poems
So that I can see your vicinity very well

I have much to write about it
Alas! These borders plug me
I am not allowed to see you ever again
Hope you will keep those letters safe

Till that one day when I will come there
To have you and read the tokens of love
Hope that I too will write about you one day
Hope that art would be free one day

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