Hey! Listen darling!
Don’t dream about prince
No one’s gonna search for you by your shoe size, you ain’t “Cinderella”

No one’s gonna wake you up and declare his love for you, you ain’t “Snow White”
You’ll not find an enchanted prince hidden behind a monster’s face, you ain’t “Belle”

Here in this world where you and me strive to survive, there are monsters hidden behind beautiful faces
So don’t crave for anyone to come into your life and make it beautiful for you

In Spring - A Poem

Darling! Be realistic!
Stop living in fairy tales
You can do this for your own on your own

Don’t wait for someone
Be that someone by yourself

Make yourself the one who’ll be the hope in case of someone’s downfall,
Be like that one candle left in the house when light cuts off

What does that one and only candle do?
It’s the only source that lightens the house

You have to lighten someone’s heavy heart like this when they have no one
Be like “Acetaminophen” that only gives relief to pain and no side effects to someone


You have no time to waste for the temporary worldly desires
You have so much to do

You can do that, I believe in you
You can be chosen by Him for this nobleness
You can be that one person I’m talking about
So try your best, He’s with you
Good luck darling!

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