Yester night!
In the midst of the darkness,
I looked towards the sky.
I don’t know why?
But, the sky was highly sad,
Like it had lost something.
Yes! Lost something!
I think a star,
The loss of which,
Couldn’t be reversed.

Even the stars were weeping,
Like Kashmiris weep,
On the martyrdom of their sons.

Could someone tell me,
Why the pain of the sky and stars,
Was also felt by the moon.
The moon looked so dark that
I hardly saw it.

I decided to sleep.
But the whole scenario was haunting me,
The whole night.
Suddenly, mic beeped,
It was Mouzin’s sound,
The sound of Azaan.

I left my bed, did the ablutions,
And left for Masjid.
While I was walking, I once again,
Looked Up,
The scenario was the same.
Sun hadn’t rose yet.
The sky was dark like before.
Moon forlorn.
Stars weeping.

I entered Masjid,
After finishing my Salah,
When I came out,
The sky was lit,
Yes, it was only one star,
The sun,
Which alone, had beaten the entire darkness.

Wasn’t the yester night’s scenario,
Similar to Kashmir.
But will sun rise here,
Beat the darkness,
Of oppression and injustice.
Will our sky witness freedom?
Of course, yes!
Darkness doesn’t last forever.

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