The illusory!
They went through me
Compelled me to think
Would that,
I were Dove!

The abhorrence of others
might wither away.
Then, there will be
The peace of mind.

The wild creature
Without hesitating,
Flying over woods,
Fledged as it is.

O Lord!
My heart,
Dying to be, that
Wild creatured,
Flawless, peaceful Dove.

But the thing, about what,
I was in illusion.
The abode of Dove,
As that of Hawks,
Who were cages,
Of thou heart.

Their own reign,
The hawks had,
In that city of peace.
What an abject misery,
To that Dove.

Rather taken aback,
The Dove by savagery
Of Hawks, like
Knelt in self abasement,
In eyes of Hawks.

The hawks will abdicate,
When that time comes?
The abyss of savagery,
Still never gone in veins
Of that raged hawks.

As of Woods,
Dove is aboriginal
But it would abscond,
From that abrasive hawks
The acme of Dove
Her lost peace of soul.

Now, there is Glee
In its eyes
The Dove at peace
With the world now!
The efforts of Dove,
As compulsion of peace.

That cage disappeared.
That brings the forgotten
Symbol of Peace, of
My heart, who has
Found peace like Dove.

No need to remember,
That abrasives, the wild heart
Is accessed to the throne
Of the soul. Then
There brings Dove.
‘The Symbol of Peace’

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