Appoint SHRC Chairman immediately: Tarigami

Srinagar, Dec 6: Jammu and Kashmir unit of CPI(M) today criticised the government for rendering State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) defunct and demanded immediate appointment of its Chairman to revive the institution for safeguarding human rights in the state. “A state like Jammu and Kashmir cannot afford to leave in a lurch the institution of human rights watchdog. The Commission this year had started establishing its credibility but due to the retirement of its Chairman in October, the progress on that account got hampered,” state secretary of CPI(M) M Y Tarigami said in a statement here.
He said the delay in the appointment of the new Chairman of the SHRC should be avoided.
“Democracies flourish due to strong institutions and vigilant citizenry. Since the state continues to witness sporadic incidents of human rights violations, it is necessary to probe such occurrences to stem the rot in the system,” he added.
Tarigami said the SHRC, together with State Accountability Commission and State Information Commission, are the institutions that need to be strengthened to provide transparent and improved governance to the people of the state.


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