Oh People!
Let’s protect our land,
From being burnt by the occupiers.

Let’s revolt against those,
Who are illegally ruling our land.
Lending it impure.

We all are sad,
Our hearts are broken,
Our souls restless.
Our bodies wounded.
Nothing can heal us,
Except freedom.
Freeing ourselves and our land,
From the impure occupier.

Every mother here is worried,
For no son here is safe,
Every father is forlorn for the fact that,
He may lose his successor.


The oppressor is getting no trouble in killing the innocents,
Because no one cares whether we live or die,
May be our blood has got no value.

We now have to ourselves do something,
Something to liberate our land,
To make the oppressor vacate our land.

So, let’s rise, revolt and,
Torn down the flags of the oppressor.
Shake it’s existence.
And, make our land free.

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