Over hype of simple Nikah alias Kehwa Nikāh seems unstoppable. People on social media keep posting pictures of the protagonist of simple Nikāh, followed by praises showered by netizens in the form of Likes and Comments on social media platforms. Fair enough! You know bride remains anonymous, as usual, she deserves to be kept under secrecy.

Since, Nikāh in Islam is an integral part and blessing for every believer, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instructed to be steadfast in Nikāh and perform it with utmost simplicity. That’s what many men are trying to do and simultaneously inspire others while posting pictures on social media. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) calls it a great act of charity which should be performed on regular basis.

As quoted, “Give charity in such an esteemed way that, if you donate the charity with right hand, your left hand should be unaware about this.” It was meant to encourage people to show discretion and maintain secrecy while performing a good deed. Henceforth, Nikāh with simplicity is one such good deed, I fail to understand where does this publicity of so called “simple Nikāh” fits in?

Is simple Nikah really simple or a mere eyewash?

You see, a kind of marriage culture, bridegroom travels to the wedding venue / bride’s place, accompanied by few family members, friends & cleric. After Nikāh ceremony, instead of lavish wazwan, they are served with big multi-colour boxes which approximately costs around (1000-2000) depending upon the quality and brands of eatable varieties. It’s dead hard to finish the dry fruits, sweets, juice, adorned and covered in the beautiful boxes. Bridegroom and his accompanies happily carry the boxes with them at the end.

Next, comes ‘Kehwa Nikāh or Khizr Khandar’ which is prepared with utmost care and precaution, added with costly herbs. Kehwa is served with the most expensive pastries available in the market, sometimes customized as well. I call them mini-cakes. Lavish wazwan and apple juice is strictly prohibited on this particular day. I hope you remember it being called simple Nikāh!

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Moving our cultural and traditional eyes towards the other side of the ‘simple Nikāh. Oh yes! Is simple Nikāh really helping us and how? Today’s simple Nikāh starts with engagement. What type of lavish feast is served to prospective groom’s immediate and extended family? What about ‘Kokar Majmei’ carried with them. Oh! Is that part of this simple Nikah?

What about Mummy ji’s, Papa ji’s, Didi ji’s in-between visits. How many ‘Koermael’ (father of brides) dare to serve ‘Kehwa or Noon Chai’? And if they do, how many people resist taunting the girl and her family?

This shall not end here at all. What about post wedding ceremonies? ‘Fir saal’, ‘Sateim’, ‘Fir Khabar’? How many of you call that off and post pictures on Facebook? You claim ‘Say no to gold policy’, yet you take it in the pretext that they are giving gold to their daughters and not us. How many among you return that gold? What about the gold which bride gives to your mother, sister, ‘Massi’? How many of you return that back?

How about the gifts bride carries and your mother happily distributes among your immediate and extended family members? No way! Did you think and confirm anytime, how costly those gifts are?

I see, all are falling dumb. Lot’s of things are yet to come. What happens to the Samovar, copper butter box, and other maple inscribed copper utensils which bride carries for each member of the family. How many of you give a damn? And pretending of the prices. Is that vacuum cleaner, iron & ironing table, dinner sets and all. Are you there to damn it out?

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Oh my God! Eid has come and Koermoel has to arrange Eid saal for the family members of the groom. Haven’t seen such things being cancelled. Another episode of “PEAV” (after childbirth. Does your family come and just give you greetings and blessings. Are you being served lavish Wazwan with an appropriate Rista size or not?

What about your frequent visits. Do you prefer chicken legs or mutton balls in addition with Noon Chai and bakery? Is that simple too? What about the Mehr which is girl’s right to spend for her? How many women invest in their own business or decide themselves. I forgot that’s the investment for the future house or savior for your (bridegroom’s) already collapsed business.

What about the earning of working women? Does simple Nikah emphasize upon marrying only working women? Can anybody make me understand? What this simple Nikāh is in reality?

Thus the list is unending. We need to follow Islamic teachings for real during the above mentioned situations. Let’s start right now. Ask yourself and I ask myself, is simple Nikāh really simplifying things? How is it helping bride and her family? Kindly introspect for a while!

Dear men, the truth is that most of the women in Kashmir are unhappy with their marriages and husbands. Doing simple Nikāh is no big deal, making her life less complex and easy is what really makes more sense? It’s better to focus on simple living rather than simple Nikah. Kindly discover the ways through which you can make your wife’s life easier & happier. You’ll definitely be a hero in true sense, apart from the social media world.

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  1. And give the relative his right, and [also] the poor and the traveler, and do not spend wastefully. (Quran 17:26) Indeed, the spendthrifts are brothers of the devil, and the Satan is, to His Lord, ungrateful. (Quran 17:27) And if you [must] turn away from the needy awaiting mercy from your Lord which you expect, then speak to them a gentle word. (Quran 17:28) And do not make your hand [as] chained to your neck or extend it to its utmost reach, so that you [thereby] become blamed and insolvent. (Quran 17:29)


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