Hundreds protest in Handwara

Srinagar: Hundreds of people have assembled in the Handwara town Thursday morning protesting against what they call “ruthless police beating” of the local Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) Er. Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday at the Handwara Police Station.Hundreds of Rashid’s supporters started assembling in Handwara early Thursday to register their protest against the MLA’s beating on Wednesday when he had gone to the Handwara Police Station to lodge a complaint for police beating up of a truck driver. The protesters are raising anti-government and pro-freedom slogans.According to Rashid, he had accompanied a truck driver, namely Ayaz Ahmad Shah of Mawoora Handawara to the Handwara Police Station after being thrashed by police early Wednesday. He accused the local police officers there to have beaten him and the truck driver black and blue, while refusing to register his complaint.Furious at the incident, the MLA has even threatened to withdraw his government security and join the “freedom struggle.”


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