Masrat CD asking armed forces to join “Quit Kashmir” creates ripples

Srinagar: In a jittery move aimed at preventing the dissemination of the contents of a compact disc of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat leader, Masrat Alam urging the armed forces to join the ongoing “Quit Kashmir Campaign”, the government Tuesday ‘by default’ facilitated wide circulation of the CD’s transcript ‘with a warning against publishing the same.’The District Magistrate Srinagar, Meraj Ahmad Kakroo, vide his letter no: DMS/PS-Misc/10/827-31, addressed to Director Information Department and also circulated to the press, said: “This office is in receipt of a communication which reveals that Masrat Alam of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat has circulated a video CD in which he is not only trying to spread dissatisfaction among the security forces working in J&K but is also asking the security personnel to Quit Jammu and Kashmir. The transcript of the CD is enclosed.”Curiously, DC Srinagar while asking the Director Information to “issue instructions to the print and electronic media to desist from printing/publishing the CD,” puts no such bar on the CD’s transcript circulated by his office.The transcript of the Masrat Alam’s CD (circulated by the District Magistrate Srinagar), titled “Quit Jammu Kashmir” addressed to the “armed forces” reads: “We appeal you to lend solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the state’s rightful self-determination, and the right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to be free. We call on your conscience to end the long chapter of deception, tyranny and death. Your actions have killed 1,00,000, disappeared 10,000 and orphaned 60,000.”Interestingly, the one-page transcript has been forwarded to the Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, Additional Director General of Police, CID, J&K Srinagar, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir and Senior Superintendent of Police, Srinagar.“You thought your violence would kill our dreams for freedom. They have not. You thought our spirit would break; we would turn against each other. We will not. You have succeeded in murder, but not in the death of our dreams. Before more violence, before more sorrow, before more graves, we ask you to stop,” the transcript read. “Ours is a rich and resilient culture. We are proud people whose hospitality has defined our history. We welcome guests, invited or uninvited, not invaders. We understand your deception, your psychological warfare. You will be tired of killing us; some day you might be horrified at what you have done to humanity. We will never tire of struggling for our history, for our future, our freedom. We will not forgive.”Masarat said, “We are against terror and in solidarity with all who oppose violence and repression. We seek truth, justice and freedom.” Masrat, through the CD, called for civil disobedience against the government.


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