Reminding The Past Thoughts

I was looking at the moon and thinking about myself,
Reminding the past thoughts and investing in myself,
Leaving all the things behind
And trying to convey myself.

The world will give nothing except hate,
Because not everything is written in fate,
Leaving all the things behind
But why I think I understood it too late?

Moon told I’m talking with light,
Just because there was no one in its sight,
Leaving all the things behind
I replied that I’m also here for light.

Deep Dark Night

I was looking but busy in my musings,
Introducing everyone in thoughts but faking,
Leaving the thoughts behind
But these were swinging, my mind shaking.

Why not live alone in this world,
Why spend life with every mortal word,
Thinking in thoughts, how to be free
Why not leave everything in one second?

While I was looking at the moon, its smile,
Gave me new hope, this beautiful style,
Leaving all the things behind
Shaded all the musings with a new smile.

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Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan is a Class 10th student from Hussaini Public High School. She likes poetry.

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