Necklace in neck, crown on head,
Vivacious look, let others opposing,
Every time she gets special type of bread,
While her house members starving.

Here is a poor mower, inner killed,
Dreaming to end her reign,
Because with flame, his heart is filled
As he gets red by that scene.

Once his brother stepped foot on gown,
When she was walking in his street,
His mother weltered, but his face never shown,
And the mower brought his cut feet.


“Wait, if so royal why she in,
White sheet with no look outside,
In a grey carton instead of palanquin,
If that vivacious look sparkled, every side.
Why she has taken from her fairy land,
How she’ll sleep without adorned bed,
Why she is pressed in the insect land”,

A child aside by the mower, said.
Now the kingdom gets new head,
Mower introduced the pain of feet,

“Forget this truth, in front of new head,
Or then, mother will see his feet”.

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Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan
Humaira Jan is a Class 10th student from Hussaini Public High School. She likes poetry.

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