SHOULD I JUMP INTO A WELL? Even jumping into a well needs some credibility!

By: Gowhar Geelani
All characters appearing in this film are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Recall Sunny Deol (Ajay Mehra) starrer ‘Ghayal’ [1990]. Ghayal, a Hindi word, meaning, the wounded. As an amateur boxer, Sunny Deol finds out that his brother, Raj Babbar (Ashok Mehra), is missing. His inquiries and a complaint lodged with the Police only lead him to pain, agony and eventually disaster. Sunny is frustrated. And then, Raj Babbar’s body is found. Ironically, Sunny is charged with murdering his own brother, and having an illicit relationship with Raj’s wife. In prison, Sunny gets new friends in hardcore convicts. But all of them are good at heart. They make a special and much needed offer to Sunny. After preparing a well-crafted plan, they escape the prison by overpowering the security guards. Thus begins Sunny’s just struggle, which ends with the death of the dreadful villain, Amrish Puri (Balwant Rai). And the rest is history.
Now, set aside the reel world. Welcome to the real. Concentrate on the characters, their roles and the plot.
Those who have watched this Filmfare Awards’ winning movie would recall why Raj Babbar was killed and by whom? Who the villain was and how much power and influence did he enjoy? It is not that difficult to find some character resemblance to the recent mysterious death of a National Conference sympathizer.Deceased’s son seems convinced about who killed his father and why? One prime eyewitness also seems sure that Shah was interrogated at the boss’s residence/office. “Shah was fine and healthy when he entered there. He vomited blood once he came out,” says Abdul Salam Reshi, Kokernag. The second witness, Mohammad Yousuf, Ganderbal, could be the key. But he has zipped his lips. We’re told that he’d only speak to the judicial commission.
The bribe-givers belong to the incredible National Conference. The one demanding the bribe, now the deceased, too belonged to the same party. The final destination where the huge amounts of cash money had to reach, it seems, also was the party.
In times of Dusshera, Diwali and Eid the Indian democracy is on sale in Kashmir. For a ministerial berth it is probably only one crore rupee. If your desire is to confirm a seat in the J&K Legislative Council, don’t worry! You’ll get a 50 percent discount. The rate is only 50 lakh rupee. These rates, however, are fixed. This damn good offer may not remain valid till eternity or after the festive season is over. The practice, albeit, is going to continue. There will be new rates in new seasons. And if, by chance; there is a change of guard, what is going to happen then? The new governments will have their own price tag! The Peoples’ Deceptive Party [a new term coined by a journalist friend from the Valley] too will want to take advantage of the new marketing and management skills of politics in modern times.
The whole media is biased. The opposition is unfair and spreading lies after lies. The son of the deceased is not speaking the truth. The victim family too is lying. The eyewitness, is not being impartial. We all are biased. Only the lords and their nodding goats are telling the truth!
What has been revealed and what deliberately kept hidden by the wise men of politics is essential! Shri Anna Hazare’s assignments are getting tougher with each passing day.
May I bother you again? Sorry for this. Recall 2010. Sagacious statesman, Farooq Abdullah answering a volley of questions thrown at him by Karan Thapar. Yes, in the audience’s favourite television programme, “Devil’s Advocate”.
Karan’s Question:
“Your party, the National Conference passed a resolution for the restoration of autonomy, New Delhi rejected it; your party demanded partial withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), New Delhi rejected it; you, your son and your party demanded change in the status quo in Kashmir; New Delhi rejected it too, aren’t you disappointed, isn’t your party marginalized, isn’t your credibility eroded?
Farooq’s Answer:
“No, not at all. I’m not disappointed. Credibility is a temporary thing, it isn’t important. It comes and goes. What do you want me to do? Should I jump into a well?
Even jumping into a well needs some credibility!
Scenario after the alleged custodial death of Mr. S M Y Shah:
Mr. Omar has been clean bowled on all tracks in all seasons. He’s failed to score on all major issues that include the issue of governance, arresting corruption, and safeguarding the human rights. Farooq Abdullah bats for his son. Mr. Farooq addresses a press conference. One of the journalists asks him a question with regards to the eroded credibility of his party. Visibly perturbed, both mentally and emotionally, Farooq talks about his party’s credibility and even dares the scribes to go and ask the Cabinet Ministers and the Members of the J&K Legislative Council how much amount of money have they paid to secure their berths?
Why should we ask them if you presumably know the answer! And rates may vary from season to season!!
Enough of this jaded negativity, cynicism and sarcasm. There are two ways of looking at a glass half-filled with water. It is half-empty for you, if you’re a born cynic. The glass is half-filled, goes the optimistic expression. Let’s be optimistic.
Disclosure of this fraudulent money business scheme highlights at least two positives for all of us. One that Kashmir is really growing and developing. People, especially, the sympathizers of the ruling National Conference have enough money. They’re ever ready to pay 50 lakh rupee for securing a seat in the J&K LC and one crore rupee for confirming a ministerial berth. Who says there is dearth of money in Kashmir? Now, don’t be negative again and start talking about those poor people, the majority. In most places, more than 70 percent of population survives in poor living conditions anyway. That’s normal. Please stop being negative again and again.
Another positive is that Kashmiris will finally have some respite in festival times. So what if there are no discounts on the products meant for domestic consumption on important festivals like Eid, Diwali and Dussehra? At least the Indian model of democracy is on sale in Kashmir. And it is no joke when the system of governance is put on sale!
So, rush and seize this opportunity.
By the way, where have all the bollywood masala script writers gone? Remake or a sequel of ‘Ghayal’ could be shot in Kashmir this time!
Gowhar Geelani is a Kashmiri journalist.
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